Welcome to my life as, The Mom

I would like to start by saying that I have 2 beautiful and energetic children. Wyatt is 5 and is just finishing up kindergarten. He blows me away how quickly he picks up on things at school. He is super friendly and outgoing. I've seen 5th graders walk by and high five my son and say, "what's up Wyatt". It's a good feeling knowing that your child has no problems making friends. Then, there is my sweet little Willow who is 21 months. She is such a tough little cookie and learning so many words right now. I thought for sure she would be my shy child but wouldn't you know she is just as outgoing as my son. She goes to day care 3 days a week and loves to play with her friends. When I drop her off she barely looks my way before I leave. It’s a bitter sweet moment. Part of me wants her to want me but I am so happy she is so independent and comfortable with others.

My husband is a godsend. We met through a friend and although it took us a while to get started, once we did our relationship took off pretty quickly. My husband is my rock, my friend and my perfect mate. I don't know if another man could ever live up to him in my eyes. We are a good team, and we have to be since our schedules are opposite a lot of times.

We also have a sweet pup who just turned 11 years old. She takes a lot of abuse from the kids but always keeps her cool. She is so good.

We live in sunny Florida near the beach in a beautiful city that people from all over the world come to visit. I would say we are pretty lucky.

That is us, our little family of 4.


~ The Mom


Family Photos

Family Photos

Jumping in with two feet

Jumping in with two feet