Family Photos

Family Photos

We recently tried to plan a family photo session. Once a year I attempt this. I have to say, it seems like the gods are against me having a descent picture of us. Every time we try to schedule, it always happens to be the day AFTER the nicest day of the week, instead it's the windy-est day of the month, coldest day of the year, you name it. As if it isn’t already difficult to coordinate outfits and have your children in a good mood, the weather has to put in its... two cents.

Luckily, I have a super talented, understanding and flexible photographer. She always manages to get a few good ones despite the conditions. lol

I had 3 different outfits to work with but because it was so cool out and ridiculously windy (thus making the kids not so cooperative) this was the only thing we attempted.

I try to just go with the flow anymore.

So, for all you moms out there desperate to have family photos done, keep it simple, have a backup plan for the weather and don’t stress about it not going the way you planned. You never know, you may be pleasantly surprised with what you do end up getting. If the kids don’t want to sit still, then maybe opt for more candid photos. Sometimes once they get into it and don’t feel like they have to sit still you end up getting some pretty magical photos.

So here is what we were able to capture:



The Journey, The Struggles

The Journey, The Struggles

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